Over and Out...of the Operating Room!

I’m so excited to tell you all about my actual liposuction experience! I was so grateful to Dr. Stacey for making time for me in his schedule on a day that worked for me. I can genuinely say he and his team have been incredible throughout this entire experience.

The day before my surgery, I went to the hospital for a Covid test as a safety precaution; it was negative, yay! On operation day, I arrived at Willow Creek Hospital (where I gave birth to my babies, so fond memories there for me), to get the process underway! I worked with the sweetest nurses in Pre-Op, and even though my shy veins made their job of finding a place for my IV difficult, they kept me laughing as a great distraction. After I was all set with my IV, I spoke with the anesthesiologist, and then Dr. Stacey. He came in to mark up exactly where he would be removing the stubborn fat and incision points.

PRE-OP: Dr. Stacey mapping out the areas of stubborn fat for removal

Just a few minutes later I got the relaxing meds put into my IV and the nurses wheeled me into the operating room. Below is a link to a video of the actual procedure (clips, so about 2 minutes long), but I put a cautionary warning at the beginning just in case watching a surgery isn’t your idea of interesting! There’s no blood or “yucky moments” (in my opinion), but I wanted to be cautious so no one gets queasy! ☺️

After surgery, I woke up in moderate pain in the post-op area. The nurses wheeled me out to my pick up driver (aka Kirk), and we headed home. Thankfully, Dr. Stacey’s team sent in my prescriptions the day before, so I already had everything I needed to go straight home to rest. I had a pretty busy day Friday, (not intentionally) but I was feeling pretty good so it was a good day! I even felt well enough to film a video answering all of the main questions I received from you all. Check out the video below to hear the Q and A session.

I basically lived in the bed with the wrap around my waist over the weekend, only getting up to take a shower. I’d say Saturday and Sunday (surgery was the previous Thursday), were the worst of the pain, but it still wasn’t severe pain - definitely manageable. By Monday I was up and around the house. I was still careful not to bend a lot or lift anything very heavy (including my kids, which was an interesting feat, ha!). I worked from my bed throughout most of the first week, and by week two, I was able to comfortably work from my desk. I was still consistently wearing some type of compression garment at all times, and I honestly got completely comfortable with it, so much so that I would forget I was wearing it. I even made it out of the house to go cheer on the Hogs with our friends at a crawfish boil.

GOOD TIMES! Always up for some crawfish!

Frankly, it was almost like magic, friends! When the 14th day came, exactly two weeks post-operation, I had hardly any pain at all. hat day, I went back to see Dr. Stacey to check out the progress and get some skin tightening cream. He gave me the all clear to work out and do basically anything I felt like doing! The next day, I went for it and jumped back into my work out routine.

I still have some swelling and a little bruising. I am getting lymphatic massages to help with the swelling and inflammation. I am already so excited about the results, and I know they’ll just get better with time! I’ll have more photos at the 6 week check up, and maybe some surprise photos before then! ☺️ I even have the “S” curve on my waist line now that I’ve never had, and I love it.

Overall, this experience has been phenomenal. If you’re feeling “stuck” with your weight loss, or wanting something to get you that extra push to get your fitness journey on track, go see Dr. Stacey at the NWA Center for Plastic Surgery. He’ll help you find the perfect procedure to get your health and wellness journey on the best path to feeling awesome about you, for you.

I highly encourage all of you to read their (145!) Google Reviews if you haven’t yet done so. They have so many happy patients; you really get a sense of how well you will be treated at their practice.

Thanks again for going on this journey with me! More to come soon, friends!

All the Love I Have to Give,


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