Let's Talk Lipo

Okay, maybe I got your attention with that title? Well it wasn’t click bait, let’s actually talk about it!

Imagine a moment (or maybe you’ve been there) when you’re holding your 8-week-old child, only to find out, there’s another one on the way! Wow! In late 2016, that was me when I found out we were having a surprise angel baby. My first thought? I can’t even wrap my brain around caring for one! How am I going to take care of two?!? My eventual thought? Playmates for my kids for life, and a best friend for me! And that’s exactly what we got with Chanley Brooke.

Lincoln is 4 and Chanley is 3, and I love them more than I ever knew was possible. That said, my husband and I have been through an interesting few years raising babies and now toddlers. It’s been trying on our marriage, our careers, and for me particularly, my mental and physical health. Thankfully, in late 2019, I began to see my postpartum issues for exactly what they were and received the help I needed and the support I’ll always need to begin fixing every area of my life. Until my mental health was sorted, it was going to be difficult to genuinely succeed in any area of my life.


Lincoln (4), Chanley (3), and I hanging out at the creek behind where our next home is being built!

Nothing happens overnight, but with healing comes hope, goals, and humble success. I’ve begun to set goals and see steady success in various areas of my life. Of course one of those areas is my physical health and wellness. I’ve been steadily working on losing the “baby weight” for three years now, and it’s safe to say that what hasn’t come off by now, doesn’t plan to go anywhere on its own.

I’m not a stranger to cosmetic surgery, and my experiences have only left me feeling more confident, more empowered, and a better version of myself. So what’s the next step for me and my health journey? Getting rid of this stubborn belly fat! That’s where the Northwest Arkansas Center for Plastic Surgery & Skin Care Center comes in! I’ve been told that if you want a cosmetic procedure done, Dr. Heath Stacey is who I need to see. Personal referrals go a long way when it comes to choosing a doctor, especially a surgeon. And after browsing through their 143(!) Google Reviews, I knew I would get gold star treatment.



Here you can see scars from my appendectomy that will likely be used as incisions in this procedure.

Now, am I saying I’m going to stop working out and eating well? Just the opposite! I’m going to continue doing those things, likely with even more motivation than before because I’ll feel like the body I’ve been aiming to get back is finally a possibility! Where there didn’t seem to be hope, liposuction with Dr. Stacey is going to change the situation and all of the possibilities for me!

I’m excited to take you all with me on this journey! Next up: my cosmetic consultation with Dr. Stacey at their clinic. Follow along with me by following Dr. Stacey on Instagram @nwacps and Facebook (facebook.com/NWACPS).

It’s going to be exciting to watch my body change for the better, and I’m happy to be open and real with you all through the process!

All the Love I Have to Give,


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