Five questions to ask Dr. Stacey or Dr. Kelamis during your breast augmentation consultation

So you've done the research, and you've decided to have a breast augmentation procedure (sometimes referred to as a "breast aug" or "boob job") and now you're ready to schedule your consultation. What are the top five questions you should ask?

1. Are you board certified?

Any doctor can perform an aesthetic procedure, but only a surgeon that is board certified in plastic surgery has the hands-on training, completion of rigorous oral and written exams and ongoing knowledge of cutting-edge innovations.

Northwest Arkansas Center for Plastic Surgery is the only practice in Northwest Arkansas with two board certified plastic surgeons. Whether you're having a cosmetic procedure or reconstructive procedure performed, board certification means you're in the most qualified hands possible.

Dr. Stacey (left) and Dr. Kelamis (right) are both board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. When you choose a board certified plastic surgeon, you put yourself in the safest hands possible. While any doctor can perform an aesthetic procedure, only a surgeon that is board-certified in plastic surgery has gone through the years of hands-on training necessary for optimal breast augmentation results.

2. Where will my operation be performed?

For your safety, any cosmetic surgery should be performed at an accredited ambulatory center, accredited surgical facility or hospital surgical suite. Both Dr. Stacey and Dr. Kelamis have hospital privileges at a number of facilities in and around Northwest Arkansas.

3. What size implants will I need?

Implant sizing is unique to each individual. During your consultation with Dr. Stacey or Dr. Kelamis, he will take several precise measurements of your chest anatomy. Then, recommend an implant size based on those measurements, keeping in mind which size will decrease the chance for post-op complication.

You will also try on implant sizers, so you can see the shape and size that looks and feels right to you. Be sure and take time to look at our Before and After photograph books!

4. What can I do to get the best surgical outcomes?

We will give you pre- and post-op instructions prior to surgery—please read and follow them! They include things like: no smoking, no ibuprofen or aspirin, no heavy lifting, no sleeping on your stomach...and rest!

5. What will my breast augmentation scars look like?

Everyone heals a little differently, but you can expect a small scar along the incision line. Another reason to only select a board certified plastic surgeon—they will make sure your scar is well-concealed within your natural anatomy.

Ready to schedule your consultation? Call or email us today!

source: American Society of Plastic Surgeons

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