Breast Augmentation 101

You're ready to schedule a consultation for a breast augmentation—now what?

And, with the kids at home, or working remotely, you're interested in having it in the comfort of your own home. Here at the Northwest Arkansas Center for Plastic Surgery & Skin Care Center in Northwest Arkansas, we understand that many of our patients prefer a private, confidential consultation—virtually. But how does that work?

Let's chat with ASPS Board Certified Plastic Surgeon D. Heath Stacey, MD about how our breast augmentation virtual consults work, and how we can get 90% of your consult completed without even stepping foot in the office:

During your virtual consultation with Dr. Stacey or Dr. Kelamis, our top goal is to answer every single question you have! How long does the actual surgery last? How long before I'm able to go back to work? Let's listen to Dr. Stacey's answers:

How bad does it hurt? When do I come back in for an appointment after surgery? Let's listen as Dr. Stacey answers some common questions he gets from patients:

Our virtual consultations at the Northwest Arkansas Center for Plastic Surgery & Skin Care Center are no-pressure, completely confidential, and secure.

Interested in scheduling a virtual consultation? Email us at, or call 479.571.3100.

We're here to help you live beautifully—at any age!

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